What is certificate attestation?

The process to attest certificates from authority is called as certificate attestation . It is obtaining necessary seal or signature from the concerned officials on your certificate to ratify its credibility. There are more than one authority and formalities present in this process. Each of these authorities provides a stamp of their own on the back side of the document. This process is generally followed for a degree certificate, birth certificate, marriage certificate, medical certificate, and other certificate attestation courses. It can be done any type of certificate i.e. personal, educational, commercial.

Why attestation required?

Attestation certificate or document is required for a variety of reasons which could be intrinsic or extrinsic to the nation. It could be required for judicial purposes like submission of important evidence or non-judicial reasons like opening a bank account, obtaining a visa, or performing business overseas. There are visas of all sorts like employment visa, student visa, residential visa and others that require legalization of documents of different types. For commercial documents, it is required at the time of doing business abroad or bringing in the business from the foreign.

    The UAE is one of the well-known countries that welcome newcomers to live, work, business, etc. Document attestation is a crucial procedure for the UAE and should be done when you are ready to visit the UAE. This is an essential part of the authentication process which will certify the authenticity and genuinity of your certificates and yourself. Every person who goes to the UAE for different purposes must have an attested certificate. Obtaining an Attestation stamp from UAE Embassy or Consulate from the origin country is a type of legal procedure that will render with the proof of the verification of the document. This is necessary because it recognizes you as a permissive person. In order to attest to the document, one needs to get the concerned material verified at different levels of the government. Only authorized persons are permitted to attest the documents. But for certificate attestation, certain procedures and requirements must be followed.

What are the attestation services?

Attestation services are the firms that render services for the authentication of documents getting through to the departments in-charge. The services have facilities and expert staff that ensure performing the legalization with authenticity. The services consult the customers who require certificate attestation of their documents and perform the procedure on their behalf. Although, at times the individual presence of the one looking for authentication is required, for instance, it is required during HRD attestation. You must look for genuine and experienced certificate attestation services in UAE. Tafsir is one of the best attestation services in UAE.

Why TAFSIR Attestation?

With the experience of over many years, we are specialized agency in UAE. To get a visa for UAE or to get through other legalities, your personal documents or business documents attestation is quite necessary. UAE is not a member of Hague Apostille Convention. so, for the documents to be valid, the Government authentication or legalization is required. It can be tedious and time taking and you might not have the endurance to handle the technicalities and tiresome experience of the process. But you can keep all the worries at bay because to take you through the procedure, our trained and experienced team at Tafsir Attestation is always ready. We are dedicated towards offering our esteemed clientele convenient and absolutely hassle-free customer services. Our services spread across nations such as India, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa, France, Pakistan and Etc.to ensure easy accessibility. We carry out all kind of documents attestation services in Dubai, UAE from degree certificate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, UAE & translation services as well. It is not necessary for the person to be in the home country, where your original document was issued, to get it attested. For more information please contact us by Email  info@uaeattest.com or call us on +971 4 3804700, Mobile: +971 56 3471786

What we offer you…

·         Fast & Reliable Service

·         Service available across world

·         Quality Service

·         24/7 Call center support

·         Free Collection & Delivery service

·         Online Tracking Facility

·         Live chat Facility 24/7

·         Free advice from Attestation Experts

·         Premium/Express/Normal Service

Some of the purpose why Attestation services are relevant in the UAE:

Ø  Seek employment or education opportunities

Ø  Buy or Sell property

Ø  Get a visa without interruption

Ø  Also required to start a new business in the UAE

Ø  Certification is mandatory when migrating to the UAE

Ø  Easy access to everything

Ø  Get a Medical Benefits

Ø  Get a Family visa

Ø  Medical benefits / insurance

Ø  Avail some bank facilities. Etc...

Types of Attestation we Provide:

v  Degree Certificate Attestation

v  Diploma Certificate Attestation

v  Provisional Certificate Attestation

v  Marriage Certificate Attestation

v  Birth Certificate Attestation

v  Death Certificate Attestation

v  Divorce Certificate Attestation

v  Experience Certificate Attestation

v  Medical Certificate Attestation

v  Police Clearance Certificate Attestation

v  Transfer Certificate Attestation

v  Marksheet Attestation

v  Salary Certificate Attestation

v  Transcript Certificate Attestation

v  PG Certificate Attestation

v  UG Certificate Attestation

v  Memorandum of Association Attestation

v  Power of Attorney Attestation

v  No Objection Certificate Attestation

v  BVI Document Attestation

v  MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Attestation

v  MOJ (Ministry of Justice) Attestation

v  Consulate Attestation

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