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Tafsir attestation is Premium Service Provider in UAE to get United States of America (USA) document / certificate attestation, so we will be taking care all your attestation needs completely, till UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. UAE government needs proof of the signatures of American officials on documents that they are genuine before they can be accepted. Since the United Arab Emirates is not a member of The Hague Convention, United States of America (USA) documents need additional government legalization before they can be used overseas and thus requires Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Attestation and Legalization by UAE Embassy, Australia. Australian documents sometimes need additional government legalization before they can be used overseas.

Types of American (USA) Documents Attestation:

USA Educational Document Attestation:

Ø  USA Degree Certificate Attestation.

Ø  USA Diploma Certificate Attestation.

Ø  USA Professional Qualification Certificate Attestation.

Ø  USA Transcript Certificate Attestation.

Ø  USA Post Graduation Certificate Attestation.

Ø  USA School Leaving Certificate Attestation.

USA Personal Document Attestation:

Ø  USA Birth Certificate Attestation.

Ø  USA Marriage Certificate Attestation.

Ø  USA Divorce Degree Certificate Attestation.

Ø  USA Death Certificate Attestation.

Ø  USA Medical Certificate Attestation.

Ø  USA Experience Certificate Attestation.

Ø  USA Police Clearance Certificate Attestation.

USA Commercial Document Attestation:

Ø  USA Power of Attorney Attestation.

Ø  USA Company Share Certificate Attestation.

Ø  USA Incorporation Certificate Attestation.

Ø  USA Memorandum of Association Certificate Attestation.

Ø  USA Company Document Attestation.

Ø  USA Commercial Invoice Attestation.


Procedures for attesting USA Document Attestation:

Ø  Notarization from United States:
Notary public department will Verify or witness the certificate, if the certificate is genuine, they will affix a signed notary seal.

Ø  Authentication from Secretary of State in United States:  
After confirmation of the certificate is authentic. Then certificate will be forwarded to Secretary of State to attest the authentication of the certificate.

Ø  Apostille by the Department of State in United States:
Once Secretary of state attested, then certificate will be verified from the Department of state in US.

Ø  Legalization from UAE Embassy in United States:
As per the legalization process, UAE embassy in Washington DC will verify the seal and the affixed signature of Notary Public, State Sectary and Apostille by the Department of State. After which the certificate of legalization will be attested by the embassy of UAE in Washington DC in US.

Attesting from Ministry of Foreign Affair’s (MOFA) in UAE:  
Finally, after the Authentication from UAE Embassy Washington DC, the certificate will then be processed in UAE and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). Once MOFA already stamped on the certificate, then the attestation process is completed.      

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