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Translation of Legal and Personal Documents is an ability called for by the current diverse global culture and Tafsir Translation has perfected the provision of certified Translation Services. Tafsir Translation has mustered an appreciable popularity as a certified agency for Translation services in the UAE and Translation Services in Dubai with our work being endorsed by the Ministry of Justice, UAE and approved by all governmental departments and Foreign Embassies based in UAE. The valued clientele profiting from our Legal Translation, from Arabic to English and English to Arabic, includes Law Firms, Banking and Financial Institutions, Lawyers, Advertisement Agencies, Immigration Consultants, Public Relations Agencies, Computer Firms, Training Agencies/institutions, Notable Private Firms and Reputed Individuals from all walks of life.

         We focus on outstanding quality standards and treasure the trust of our customers as a valuable asset of our commercial operations in Legal Translation. Timely completion of authentic and completely admissible Legal Translation at reasonably affordable prices is the prime priority of the highly professional, experienced and qualified team of translators at Tafsir Translation. The core and crux of our vision is the satisfaction of our customers anywhere in the UAE in terms of achievement through our timely and effective Translation Services as per their convenience. We can expertly translate all documents pertaining to Legal Translation including Court Decisions, Affidavits, Memoranda of Association, Immigration Documents, Agreements, Deeds, etc. with consistent beauty and linguistic capability.

Learn about TAFSIR Attestation/ Translation in UAE?

If you are in a fix about choosing a proficient legal translator in Dubai for your documents, an exceedingly dependable, experienced and trustworthy translation agency like Tafsir translation in Dubai can assist you in authentic and credible translation services in more than 55 fields and more than 75+ languages all across UAE because it only employs the most proficient and professional translators to complete your projects. Tafsir translation in Dubai understands documents have become a necessity for the modern highly-travelled individual may it be for business purposes or other reasons. A major poser appears to be the selection of a competent translation as the world nowadays is full of hoaxes and quacks. Every day we help businesses and individuals by translating any type of documents from and to around 200 languages including the major languages such as English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Bengali, Tagalog/Filipino, Japanese, Punjabi, German, Malay, Telugu, Vietnamese, Korean, Turkish, Italian, Thai, Persian, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Dutch, Nepali, Hungarian, Greek, Swedish, Italian and many more.

   Serving our customers with a focus on professional competence has always been the prime pursuit of our business activities at Communication Legal Translation in Dubai. A highly responsible and dependable translation agency like Tafsir translation in Dubai actually plays a pivotal role in bridging civilization in a culturally rich economic hub like the UAE. Tafsir Translation in Dubai is proud of the brilliant work over the years and its highly qualified and professional team for creating accurate and balanced translations in more than 55 fields and more than 75+ languages. Since the administrative language of UAE government is Arabic, any document which you need to submit or process through any government department in UAE requires legal translation from its original language to Arabic.

When do you require Legal Translation of a document?

For Example, you are employed in UAE and you want to sponsor your wife residence visa, you have to attest your marriage certificate in your home country and then the ministry of foreign affairs in UAE. After attesting your marriage certificate from the ministry of foreign affairs in UAE before you submit the document to immigration department it should be legally translated into Arabic to process the visa.

English To Arabic Translation

There are more than 400 million Arabic-speaking people in the world. This makes it a pressing necessity to have the documents and materials related to your products or services translated to the Arabic language if you wish to make your business in Middle East a success. We can professionally translate all types of legal, technical, medical, financial, and other documents. All translations are done by expert specialist translators.

We have highly experienced professional team of English Arabic translators providing high quality Arabic copies and translations of legal, technical, financial, medical, marketing, and other documents and materials.

How Tafsir Translation works in Dubai?

Ø  Client sends their translation document requirements to our Office via email or in person.

Ø  Our representative sends the documents to our professional translators.

Ø  Our translators translate the Normal/legal documents to their preferred destination language(s).

Ø  The Translation documents are then sent to our proof reading expert team.

Ø  The Translation documents are then sent back to the client.

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