Degree/Master’s Degree Certificate

The Degree Certificate of a person wanting to work or settle in UAE have to be attested, which ensures their authenticity. To avoid any trouble that you might have to face in the process of Degree attestation in UAE, it is advisable to avail our services. With the unmatched expertise possessed by our team of trained professionals, the process of Degree certificate attestation in Dubai is absolutely convenient and effortless for our clients. The Government of UAE requires all educational certificates, professional or academic or Masters emanating from to be attested by the UAE Embassy where the certificate is issued from for further attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE Government before grant of UAE Visa. The UAE Government accepts educational certificates attested by their Embassy provided the certificates were also attested first by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country of origin.

         The authentication of Degree document is necessary for various purposes. Authenticating the documents related to the Degree is useful in obtaining to get your employment visa in UAE for a desired professional position, it is also assisting in getting a family visa. This is also required by the educational institutions if one wants to pursue education from some other country. The company providing the work also requires this verified document. But visa issuing authorities consider your degree certificate only if it is attested by Ministry of foreign affairs in UAE. But, before getting it attested by MOFA it has to go through certain procedures in your home country where your degree certificate was issued initially, after that your degree certificate attestation will be completed.

We offer fast, secure, and safe service for Educational certificate attestation and we also provide online tracking system to track your document progress in every phase of the attestation.

Below we outline the steps how to authenticate your Degree certificate through our services.

1) Required documents for Attestation of Degree Certificate.

Ø  Original Degree Certificate.

Ø  Passport copy of the certificate holder.

Ø  Authorization letter from the certificate holder to TAFSIR Attestation Services (Only if required).

Ø  Photographs (if require)

2) Handover your document to TAFSIR attestation service collection executive without any cost.

3) After we receive the certificate, details of the certificate will be updated in our database. You will receive the tracking number and you can track the status through our website also.

4) We will dispatch the certificate to the country where it was originally issued through our courier services.

5) Our counterpart will receive the certificate within a couple of working days and submit the same to the authorized departments to process the required attestation.

6) Following are the regular procedures to get the certificate attested.

Ø  Notarization in the home country

Ø  Ministry of foreign affairs in the home country

Ø  UAE Embassy in home country (If you want to use it UAE)

Ø  UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

Procedure for Indian Degree Attestation:

Ø  Notarization Verification.

Ø  Home Department OR SDM (Sub divisional Magistrate) Verification.

Ø  Ministry of external affairs Verification.

Ø  UAE Embassy in home country (If you want to use it UAE).

Ø  UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

7) The certificate will come back to our UAE office and it will be sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE for final attestation.

8) The attested degree certificate will be delivered to your doorstep by our delivery executive without any cost.


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