Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney is a written statement to represent or act on another person’s behalf for personal reasons or business reasons. To consider the power of attorney a legal document concerned POA has to be attested. There are two types of power of Attorney personal Power of Attorney and Company Power of Attorney. We can assist you in getting the power of attorney from across the globe.

Procedure for attesting Power of Attorney

Before you hand over the documents for attestation you need to ensure that the power of attorney is duly signed by a notary person or by a gazette officer. Next step would be getting the power of attorney attested from the state department / home department – external affairs or by the foreign affairs – embassy attestation and finally ministry of foreign affairs from the intended to use country.

We will guide you the attestation process upon reviewing the Power of Attorney.

Documents required for attesting Power of Attorney:

Ø  Original Power of Attorney

Ø  Photographs

Ø  Original Identity documents

Ø  Proof of residence

Ø  List of partners name

Validity of the Power of Attorney Attestation:

Power of attorney has validity it can be understood in the content what is drafted in the power of attorney. Upon completing the duration power of attorney does not have any value. Before we submit the power of attorney for attestation, we need to check the validity.

Reason of rejection will be shared upon the special request with the authorities:

A power of attorney is a document that provides another person with the authority to act on your behalf & deal with your affairs when you are physically or rationally unequipped for dealing.

Documentation and Legal Authorization of Power of attorney is required for personal and business purpose in UAE. Only the Power of Attorney attested from MOFA will be accepted by Dubai Court if the POA has made outside UAE.

Procedure for Power of Attorney Attestation:

§  First step, you will need to sign the power of attorney before a notary public in Home country

§  Ministry of foreign affairs Attestation (Home Country)

§  Certified by the UAE Embassy/Consulate (Home Country)

§  After that, power of attorney can be brought into the UAE for further process:

a. Stamp by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in UAE)

b. Translation into Arabic by the legal translators authorized to undertake legal translation by the UAE Ministry of Justice.

c. Stamp by the UAE Ministry of Justice to certify the Arabic translation

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