All the documents issued from the USA, such as personal documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate), educational certificate, commercial or business documents has to be attested before going into use in any government departments in UAE. We have done thousands and thousands of USA documents attestation over the decade. Many people know that attesting USA documents is a complicated process and they search for a stress-free way to get it done. If you are one of them, your search ends here. Prompt Attestation Services make sure that your USA certificates attestation is done without any stress.

We have gained tremendous experience over the decade by serving our clients who are especially having USA documents attestation requirement for gulf countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Kuwait and Qatar. Below are the procedures to get USA documents attested, which may make you feel too complicated, But you do not need to worry, Just talk to our attestation advisor and confirm your attestation order. We will do all the work and get your document attested.


USA Certificates Attestation:

·                 USA University Degree Certificate Attestation

·                 USA College Diploma Certificate Attestation.

·                 USA Vocational Qualifications Certificate Attestation.

·                 USA Professional Qualification Certificate Attestation.

·                 USA Transcript Certificate Attestation.

·                 USA Birth Certificate Attestation.

·                 USA Marriage Certificate Attestation.

·                 USA Divorce Certificate Attestation.

·                 USA Death Certificate Attestation.

·                 USA Good Standing Certificate Attestation.

·                 USA Certificate of Origin Attestation.

USA Commercial Documents for Attestation:

·                 USA Power of Attorney Attestation.

·                 USA Company Articles of Incorporation Attestation.

·                 USA Commercial Invoices Attestation.

·                 USA Company Board Resolution Attestation.

·                 USA Commercial Agreements Attestation.

Procedure for USA Documents Attestation:

·                 Notarization of the document by Notary Public in the USA.

·                 Authentication by Secretary of state, the USA in the state where the document was issued.

·                 Apostille by the Department of state, USA

·                 Legalization by the UAE embassy in Washington DC, USA.

·                 Final Attestation by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE.

The procedures to attest USA documents is almost same for all the documents. But in some special cases, few more extra procedures need to be followed. This is might affect you in the sense of cost and timeframe, which will be explained to you by our attestation advisors before the initiation of attestation process.

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·                 Regular Service

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