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Home Department is a state level organization in which an individual gets to verify their personal documents. It is exclusive to personal document verification. The process is complex and time-consuming and it is an indirect process to be performed independently. However, service providers can get document legalization done hassle-free from the respective State Department.

What is the Home Department Attestation?

Home Department Attestation/ legalization means getting a stamp & It is the legalization procedure to be followed to prove your documents genuinity. Home Department is a procedure performed by the officials at the state council. Birth Certificate and Marriage certificate attestation and all other personal document verification are carried out under the privilege of the Home Department. In the state of Maharashtra, Home Department is also called as Mantralaya attestation.

Why is Home Department Attestation required?

When visiting a foreign country to prove the authenticity of your documents one needs to get their documents attested by the government authorities like the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and Embassy. You can’t get MEA and Embassy directly on your personal documents, you have to get state department stamp first. The stamp on the document from the Home Department proves the credibility and authenticity of the document before it is attested by the higher authorities.

How to get Home Department attestation?

Getting Home Department is a hectic process and providing those services are a convenient solution. Reaching out to companies that provide services can help you in obtaining document verification with expertise and professionalism. Tafsir has an experienced staff that operates at the firm that assures customer convenience and round the clock customer support.

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