Experience Certificate

Experience Certificate Attestation is also called as employment certificate attestation which is quite an essential document to get the job in certain high-profile companies in UAE and many countries. The reason for experience certificate attestation is to justify that the certificate is issued by the real organization/company/department which contains the appropriate information of the certificate holder name, his position in the organization, the tenure of the work with the authorized person’s stamp and signature of the organization.

  Experience certificate attestation process is also same as other documents attestation, which necessitates the authentication from home department, Ministry of external affairs, UAE embassy or consulate in the country where the document was issued and at last ministry of foreign affairs in UAE. This is the complete process of your experience certificate attestation. Tafsir attestation services will handle with ease and delivery it to you as a completely valid document, which will be accepted in all the departments in UAE.

We offer fast, secure, and safe service for Experience certificate attestation and we also provide online tracking system to track your document progress in every phase of the attestation.

Required documents for Attestation of Experience Certificate?

Ø  Original Experience Certificate.

Ø  Passport copy.

Ø  Photographs (if require).

Why Experience Certificate Attestation is it required?

Ø  For applying a job in any government department in UAE.

Ø  For apply for a job in any specific sector or profession in UAE

Ø  While applying for immigration.

Ø  To avail some bank facilities.

Ø  For the change of designation or internal promotion in the company.

 What is the Procedure for Experience Certificate Attestation?

Ø  Notarization in the Home Country.

Ø  Attestation from concerned Home Department. (The Home country where the certificate was issued).

Ø  Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) – (Home country)

Ø  Attestation from UAE Embassy or UAE Consulate (The country where the certificate was issued).

Ø  Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE, (The country where the certificate intended to use).

 How Long and How much does it cost for Attestation of the Experience Certificate?

We have three different types of services based on your priority and budget. You can choose, which suits you the best. Charges are differing on country basis. For more information you can contact below mentioned details, we are ready to help you.

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